Delta Park


  • Starting August 1, 2020 per the State of Vermont Mask Mandate all visitors to WVPD parks will be required to wear a mask or cloth facial covering any time where they come in contact with others from outside their households, and where it is not possible to maintain a physical distance of at least six feet.
  • Maintain at least a six-foot (6’) physical distance from other people in the park as recommended by the CDC
  • Please stay home if you or members of your household are feeling unwell
  • Keep your dog(s) on a leash at all times and avoid touching and interacting other people’s dogs (they are members of the household and must follow physical and social distancing as well)
  • Avoid touching structures such as fences, sign posts, information boards, picnic tables, gates and railings
  • Wash hands often with soap and water, or use hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol. Carry hand sanitizer with you while visiting parks
  • Pick up your trash and properly remove it from the park to help protect our staff. Please pick up, bag, and properly dispose of your dog’s waste
  • Restroom facilities are closed
  • Bring your own water

The WVPD acknowledges this is a fluid and constantly evolving situation. While WVPD parks currently remain open, we are closely following and will adhere to recommendations set forth by the CDC, Vermont Department of Health, along with state and local officials. We will strive to keep our parks open as long as possible, but need the public’s help to ensure they remain a safe space for everyone.  Please observe and follow all signage posted in the parks and all other public recreation areas.

Posted March 27, 2020; updated July 31, 2020

Delta Park Trail Map

Delta Park

Delta Park is a unique natural area owned by the WVPD, located along the shore of Lake Champlain at the mouth of the Winooski River. The 55-acre park contains a diverse mix of ecosystems, including floodplain forest, marshy wetlands, and over ½ mile of natural sandy beaches, which are uncommon along Vermont’s Lake Champlain shoreline. The Park’s sandy beaches provide ideal turtle nesting habitat – an increasingly rare occurrence along the highly developed Lake Champlain shoreline. The extensive marshes and shoreline of Delta Park make it valuable as bird habitat too. It is an excellent birding location and is designated as one of 17 site-based IBAs (Important Bird Areas) in the state by Audubon Vermont. The trail through this park is a half mile, elevated bike and footpath with views of wetlands, Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks in New York. The bike bridge over the mouth of the Winooski River links this Park with Mayes Landing in Burlington, and is part of the Island Line Bike Trail.

July, 2017

There is a small parking lot, and a picnic area off of Windemere Way in Colchester. We ask those looking to bike the Island Line Bike Trail to use the parking located at Airport Park, on Airport Road as parking at Delta Park is limited.

Enlarged Image of Trail Map: Delta Park Trail Map